WAN Accelerator RAPICOM: TOP

A more powerful, more stable non-cache based accelerator to maximize your enterprise network capacity! WAN accelerator RAPICOM series.

RAPICOM improves the quality of the application performance and video conferencing by connecting to an existing WAN, VPN and the internet. It is effective in international communications and cloud computing because it is powerful, fast, and stable.

RAPICOM Achieves Excellent ROI

- Possible to improve network quality that is not possible with a conventional cache-based accelerator.
- RAPICOM can emulate a high-quality network environment over a lowquality network infrastructure.
- Business efficiency and staff productivity will increase by improving the network quality.
- RAPICOM has an IP-based load balancer function for redundancy and load balancing of the line.
- Higher ROI is achieved by combining multiple low-cost lines.

An Superior, Network Transparent Accelerator

- Introduces xTCP acceleration technology, which has infrastructure transparency due to excellent TCP compatibility.
- RAPICOM requires no changes to the existing network setup in most cases.
- Use of existing assets, such as QoS and firewalls, can be continued as is, removing the need for time-wasting reconfiguration.

Various Environment Support

- RAPICOM is available in hardware (RAPICOM appliance) and in software (RAPICOM seed), and these can be combined as needed to accommodate various network infrastructure environments.
- RAPICOM adapts to your company's unique infrastructure. It provides consistent high performance in various situations, such as with on-premise computers, cloud computing, portable computer and computers connecting from abroad.
- Realize comfortable cloud computing with high throughput at the level of a LAN.


Combination free RAPICOM

*Note: When combining RAPICOM hardware and software, the applicance utilizes xTCP.

Use Cases

Capable in Various Situations

Case 1: Improves Low-Cost Networks

Provide Comfortable Closed Network Services

RAPICOM can be used with low-cost network best effort VPN services to
provide a higher quality service.

Case 2: Effective Use of Backup Lines for BCP

Widen Bandwidth and Improve Redundancy

Aggregate two low-cost internet VPN routes with the "mTCP traffic Bundling function" and achieve a wider bandwidth and improved redundancy. Additionally achieve the effectiveness of a high-cost connection with the help of TCP optimization, and an overall more stable network.

Case 3: Low-Cost Bandwidth Expansion

A More Stable Network at a Low Cost

Using a private line overseas is expensive. RAPICOM solves this by combining a private line with the Internet. With this setup, you can achieve a stable low-cost network and a wider bandwidth.

Case 4: Response Improvement in Cloud Computing

Approximates On-Premise Computers

Migrating to cloud computing will cause a response decrease. RAPICOM is available as a software solution specifically for situations where use of hardware is difficult, like in cloud computing. With it, you can achieve performance like that of on-premise computers with cloud computers.

Case 5: Lesser Response Time Decrease when Adding Terminals

Comfortable Communication with Optimization and Load Balancing

In the case of many computers connecting to a single server, two best effort lines can be used with load balancing and optimization with the "xTCP Balancer" to lower the load on the infrastructure.


What's New

Events & Releases

[Exhibition] RAPICOM will be exhibited at KYOTO SMART CITY EXPO 2016. (Smart Innovation Zone No.1-22)
[WEB] English web site is newly opened.
[Media] Our involved technology was published in the newspaper (Nov 10, 2015).
Newspaper article is here (NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN)
[Press Release] Press release of our involved technology has been announced by NICT(National Institute of Information and Communications Technology).
[WEB] WEB site has been renewed.
[Exhibition] RAPICOM will be exhibited at INTEROP TOKYO 2015 SCSK Corporation booth.
[Press Release] Press release of RAPICOM seed has been announced.


Latest firmware

[Ver.3] RAPICOM appliance ver.3.3.0
[Ver.2] RAPICOM appliance ver.2.3.1